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Investment and financial services for Americans living abroad.


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We help US Expats living anywhere in the world with investments and finances.

We work with people in the process of planning a move out of the country and those already living abroad. We are comprehensive fee only (fiduciary) financial advisors.

We are comprehensive advisors and work with clients on: investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, insurance review, and estate planning.

We are compensated based on the assets we manage or on an hourly basis. We offer a free upfront meeting.

Fee Only Fiduciaries

We are compensated only by our clients (no commissions, no product sales).

Investment Management

We provide custom portfolios to meet your individual needs.


Retirement Planning, Taxes, Estate Planning, Insurance

We are comprehensive advisors helping with all aspects of your finances.

Our Team

We have extensive experience living outside of the US.  Let us help you with Expat investment and financial issues.

Bill Holliday, CFP®, AIF®, CSRIC™

Bill Holliday, CFP®, AIF®, CSRIC™

Financial Planner

Marcela Mendoza

Marcela Mendoza


Argentina Rangel

Argentina Rangel


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We have clients throughout the world

We meet with clients using internet meetings where we can share screens. We use secure email, dropbox, and phone.

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