AIO Financial has updated their four ebooks.  They are all free:

  • Investing (the basics of how to invest)
  • Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (how to make an impact with your investments)
  • Expat Financial Planners (financial planning for Americans living abroad)
  • Inversiones (Investing eBook in Spanish)


AIO Financial is a fee only, independent, comprehensive financial planning firm.

AIO Financial, LLC is registered with the SEC.
They have five divisions with different specialties.  There is overlap between the specialties. For example, AIO Financial has expat clients who are very interested in impact investing.


However, each division has its own webpage and social media channels which primarily focus on their individual specialty:

  • AIO Financial Planners (comprehensive financial planning)
  • Impact Financial Planners (sustainable, responsible, impact investing – investing in line with your values)
  • Expat Planners (financial planning for American living outside the US)
  • AMA Financial Advisors (financial planning for the specific needs of Athletes, Musicians, Actors)
  • Tus Financieros (financial planning for Spanish speakers in the US and abroad)


The following is a list of the chapters and sections in the Investing eBook. In this free eBook, you will learn about different types of investments, how to create a diversified portfolio, and the mechanics of getting started. You can download this eBook: Here

3.0       Investing Overview

4.0       Exchange Traded Funds

5.0       Mutual Funds

6.0       Individual Stocks

7.0       Individual Bonds

8.0       Alternative Mutual Funds

8.1       Long/Short Funds

8.2       Multi-Strategy Alternative Funds

9.0       Structured Products

9.1       Market Linked

9.2       Buffered Notes

9.3       Enhanced Return CDs

10.0     Illiquid Alternative Investments

            10.1 Energy

            10.2 Real Estate

            10.3 Other

11.0     Options Trading

12.0     Steps to Investing

12.1     Liquidity Needs

12.2     Risk Tolerance

12.3     Diversification

13.0     Evaluating Investments

13.1     No Load Funds

13.2     Expense Ratio

13.3     Performance and Ratings

14.0 Example Portfolio

15.0     Investing Mechanics

15.1     Where to Invest

15.2     Consideration if Looking for an Advisor

15.3     Account Maintenance – Rebalancing

16.0     Resources


The following are the chapters in the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing eBook. This eBook teaches you the different ways to make a positive impact in our world through your investments. It presents the basics of screening, shareholder advocacy and community investing. It gives real investment options so that you can get started.  You can download this free eBook at: Here

3.0       What is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

4.0       Growth of SRI

4.1       Degrees of SRI

4.2       Motivation for SRI

            4.2.1    Avoiding Undesirable Companies

            4.2.2    Political Tool

            4.2.3    Specific Issues

5.0       Three Major Components of SRI

6.0       Screening

7.0       Shareholder Advocacy

7.1       Shareholder Advocacy Involvement by Fund

7.2       Major Initiatives

8.0       Community Investments

8.1       Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Structures

8.2       Community Investment Returns

8.3       Green & SRI Bonds

8.4       Alternative Investments

9.0       Evaluating Investment

9.1       No Load and I Class Funds

9.2       Mutual Fund vs ETF

9.3       Expense Ratio

9.4       Performance and Ratings

10.0     Steps to SRI

10.1     Liquidity Needs

10.2     Risk Tolerance

10.3     Diversification

10.4     SRI Questionnaire

11.0     Examples of Mutual Fund-ETF Investments and Performance

11.1     US Large Cap Growth

11.2     US Large Cap Value

11.3     US Large Cap Blend

11.4     US Mid Cap

11.5     US Small Cap

11.6     Developed Foreign

11.7     Diversified Emerging Markets

11.8     Bond Funds

11.9     Alternative Energy

11.10   Religious Funds

11.11   Other

12.0     Illiquid Alternative Investments

            12.1 Energy

            12.2 Real Estate

            12.3 Other

13.0 Separately Managed Accounts

14.0 Example Portfolios

15.0     Investing Mechanics

15.1     Where to Invest

15.2     Consideration if Looking for an Advisor

15.3     Account Maintenance – Rebalancing

16.0     Resources

17.0     SRI Fund List


The following are the eBook sections from our Expat Planners eBook. In this eBook, you will learn about some of the issues specific to Americans living in other countries including: taxes, insurance and estate planning. You can download a free copy at: Here


3.0       Expat Financial Planning Overview

4.0       Expat Taxes

4.1       Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

4.2       Country of Residence

4.3       Personal Taxes

4.4       FBAR, tax treaties

5.0       Underestimating the Cost of Living

6.0       Banking and Money Transfers

7.0       Investment Products and Small Businesses

8.0       Health and Life Insurance

9.0       Investment Accounts

10.0     Estate Planning

11.0     Steps to Investing

11.1     Liquidity Needs

11.2     Risk Tolerance

11.3     Diversification

12.0     Evaluating Investments

12.1     No Load Funds

12.2     Expense Ratio

12.3     Performance and Ratings

13.0     Investing Mechanics

13.1     Where to Invest

13.2     Consideration if Looking for an Advisor

13.3     Account Maintenance – Rebalancing

14.0     Resources


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Investment ebook

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Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing ebook IFP

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Expat ebook

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Tus Financieros

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